Is Being an Entrepreneur Worth It?

By on July 23, 2013
Is Being an Entrepreneur Worth It

I’ve gotten a version of this question many times:

“Is being an entrepreneur really worth it?”


“Do you think its still a good idea to be a business owner or should I just go back to grinding it out at a job?”

You can tell the difference in the types of people who would ask those. Some were other small business owners I know while others are people I know with jobs.

Here’s my answer– It Depends.

No I’m not talking about the adult diaper unless being an entrepreneur looks something like going into space or being an astronaut which in that case is a whole other conversation.

What I’m talking about is it depends on you and only you.

Correction, it depends on your point of view.

You see, every body I’ve ever met that set off to do their own thing had their own reason for starting.

Whether that was a flash of genius they pursued, fed up with their career, or what have you. At SOME point it looked like a good idea at the time and it was worth it.

I know for myself I did NOT grow up thinking “I want to be my own boss one day”.

I did NOT have an un-fulfilling career. I did NOT suck in school either; on the contrary, I was pretty much an academic bad-ass.

I had a career I loved as paratrooper in the Army and was clear on where I was going in life and had it all worked out…UNTIL…everything changed.

And for me everything changed on July 19, 2004 when I woke up, opened my eyes, looked up at the ceiling and said to myself “What the hell am I gonna do now?”

You see, what I didn’t mention yet is that 15 months prior I had been deployed to Iraq and in the middle of a battle a bullet slammed into my chest, ripped thru my vest and changed my life forever. And 15 months later when on my last day of my 8 years in the Army (which was July 18th, 2004) life was good. It was finally time do whatever the heck else I was gonna do next.

Then the next day, my very first day as a civilian, the reality set in and it was inescapable….I had no plan B and no clue how to start over from scratch. Shortly after I got started as an entrepreneur. Learning how to hustle and make money from scratch.

Here’s why I’m telling you all this.

I’m telling you this because when I first started it was out of sheer desperation. Eventually desperation was too exhausting and I had another choice to make. Keep going or quit.

All along whether or not being an entrepreneur was worth it has always been up to me; and once I got that….. my life has never been the same. My “Big Why” could always be refreshed or created again from scratch as needed.

(side note: I don’t mean get it like seeing a cute motivational saying on a bumper sticker or facebook post and it wears off like a shower does the moment you step into blazing July humidity in Orlando, FL. I mean when you GET it in the way that your molecules re-arrange themselves to align with what you’ve newly discovered for yourself).

So the real question is what do you think?

Is being a CEO, small business owner or entrepreneur worth it?

Either way leave a comment below and let me know what you think or even your big AHA from this.

Show me you’re alive!

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