Orlando Business Owners Guest Post Guidelines


Who writes for Orlando Business Owners

The people who write for the OBO digital publication are current and future pillars of the Central Florida small business and entrepreneur community. If you’re like the rest of us grinding it out day in and day out to run and grow a successful business and have relevant, useful and actionable insights to share then we’re looking for you.

Simply put, we’re looking for the real deal. You may or may not be a business owner yourself or the decision maker at your company, but if you are someone who puts points on the board using what you know and can share that in written form then you may be a fit.


What Orlando Business Owners read about

Here at Orlando Business Owners we like to keep success simple. Therefore, we stick to the “What’s Working Now” action items on a handful of topics:

  • Personal Development – just like computers, entrepreneurs need to keep their “personal operating software” humming pristinely.
  • Startups – for our local entrepreneur fledglings who are either in the formulation stages of a business all the way up to those who aren’t quite earning a full-time income yet
  • Marketing – 2 words– Traffic & Conversion. (the ‘&’ symbol doesn’t count as a word:)
  • Tech – e-commerce, social media and websites are just a few of our favorite things over here in the tech section
  • Run & Grow – customer service, productivity and management are just a few of the critical items for making breakthroughs in profits
  • Funding & Finance – spending money is easy. But raising and managing capital is where the magic is.


Content isn’t Always King

It is said that content is King. But here at Orlando Business Owners we say Context is King. In other words, it’s not just what you write…it’s how you write and how it’s read. So grab the reader. Show your personality and passion in your writing. Stories are fun. A combo of Informative and Entertaining often wins the day.

High Quality

While we’re leaning towards the context and quality of articles let’s talk post length. Shorter is better. We would rather serialize by breaking a larger post into a smaller series of posts. But often a topic can be discussed in one post. Techno-babble and industry jargon should be sidelined. Remember, our readers may be multi-millionaires and rockstars in their industry, yet newbies when it comes to your subject matter. Keep the conversation beginner friendly. And for Pete’s sake…use spell-check.


Hey, we get. Even we tune into the radio station WIIFM and you want to know “What’s In It For Me?” Orlando Business Owners is a great place to get alot of high quality exposure and build your personal brand. When you’re published here you have an opportunity to get your story in front a loyal and affluent community of local business movers and shakers by having us syndicate your content.

It really is all about you and we want to help you by not only getting your useful and informative message out to our readers, but by also highlighting a blurb about you in the Author box under your article and also linking back to your website or social profile.

Having said that, it is important to point out that we do require helpful and informative content and not just blatant sales copy.

In addition to getting link juice for your site you get an opportunity to become a local business celebrity as you, the highlighted business aficionado, get in front of this online hyper-local and hyperactive business community that visit here daily to read fresh content.

How It Works

All Orlando Business Owners content will get a once over by the managing editor to make sure its ready to go in regards to grammar, punctuation, etc. If there are any issues that need to be resolved we will be in contact via email to get it worked out.

Send your guest content for consideration to:


Please include at least one link and one photo with each submission. All guests posts must be edited and proofread prior to submission.

Remember to include a short 3-5 sentence bio, along with relevant website and social media links — so we can make you famous!!