The Beijing Beef Marketing Principle

By on December 22, 2013

This might make you hungry but we should talk about it anyways. I used to be a huge fan of eating at Panda Express. For years I would go there and get the 2 entree plate with Orange chicken, Manadarin chicken, white rice and soy sauce.

Since its been awhile since I’ve had this delicious plate lunch combo and I thought now would be a good time to go. But when I went in I didnt see my mandarin chicken on the menu.

I ask the server, “where’s the mandarin chicken”?

He says, “we don’t have that, we have teriyaki chicken”. And right then just as I am about to wheel around on my heels and walk out…I see a little sign with the words “Beijing Beef” on it.

The thought, hmmm…what’s that?, goes thru my head. “Can I try that?” I ask the server.

He says yes, puts a nice size piece on a toothpick and hands it to me. I taste it and my tastebuds went crazy!!! My eyes got big and I literally said outloud “YUM”!!! Instead of leaving I bought a plate and have been back twice since.

Which leads me to my point… Panda Express is not successful by accident. They know what the heck they’re doing.

The moment I noticed that they didn’t have my favorite dish I almost left. They almost lost a life-long customer.
A little dramatic on my part? Maybe.
Is that fickle of me as a customer? Perhaps.


But straight of it is that if I’m gonna skimp on this whole healthy eating thing I’ve been doing I’m gonna make sure I get EXACTLY what I want. If they won’t give me mandarin chicken then I’ll find someone that will. And Panda Express knows that. Which is why they don’t give their dishes boring and lame names.They give their food names that get you stop and say…”hmmm, what’s that…can I try it?”


They’re not trying to get you from A to Z…
…they’re not trying to get married on the first date
…they just want 3 seconds of your attention
…they want to get to first base with you
…they just want you to sample
So they name it something that will grab your attention and get you to sample. And often that very approach to marketing and business is what makes the difference between
…getting a new customer or missing a new customer
…Keeping a life-long customer…or losing a life-long customer
…Doubling your sales…or losing sales
…Keeping the lights on at your business…or sitting in the dark


And that’s exactly the type of things we show you how to do in the “Inner Circle” which is Orlando Business Owners members area. How to name, price and position your products and services to do the heavy lifting for you so you can sell more. If you’re not a member yet then go here now to get the details and sign up.

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