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Seven axis molding machine(7A…
Six axis molding machine(6A3D…
Five axis molding machine(5A2…
Three axis molding machine(3A…
Two axis molding machine(2A2D…
Bent line special machine(3A3…
Headrest special machine(3A3D…
Turntable wire bending machine…
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Full of praise, industry model

Strength brand:Popular at home and abroad, involving all fields

Brand strength:20 years, specializing in the production and sale of wire equipment manufacturers.
Professional R&D, production, sales integration of modern high-tech enterprises, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Taiwan and other countries to absorb advanced technical experience, products sold well around the world;

Large scale:Fine quality control and core technology.

Large scale:The factory covers an area of 3000 square meters, with 50 employees, 80% of whom have worked for more than 10 years. The staff is stable and the technology is constantly accumulating and innovating
High efficiency production:Complete processing equipment, dozens of large equipment, annual output of 1000 units.。

professional services:Full professional docking, to provide you with professional and technical services

Professional customer service:Customer service 24 hours hotline service telephone, 3 hours door-to-door maintenance service in Yangtze River Delta Area。
Technical support:Users can call our 24-hour service hotline at any time when they encounter any problems in use to ensure that your problems are solved smoothly and promptly Life-long maintenance:The company provides users with technical consultation, technical training, product upgrading and other services for a long time.

Gold medal after sale:Regular quality tracking, customer service quick response

Whether you are in the proofing process or in the production process of all the problems encountered, there are professional and technical personnel to serve you
After the customer purchases the product, the company will arrange the technical personnel to visit the door regularly to inspect, guarantees the customer equipment normal use
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Suzhou Daming M&E Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, specializing in R & D, production and sales of pipe and wire processing equipment. The factory is located in the city of Suzhou, a famous historical and cultural city.

For more than 10 years, Daming company has been devoted to innovative design, independent precision processing, scientific assembly and customer service, and has designed and manufactured many pipe and wire processing equipment. In particular, the automatic CNC

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